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Thread: BLO question

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    BLO question

    I have a small project that I want to try using BLO on (have never used it)
    It's Maple, Cherry and Walnut laminated in strips. My question is do I use it full strength, or do I cut it 2 to 1 with paint thinner as it says on the can.

    Do I put a top coat of Poly after and can I use water based Poly or do I have to use oil or solvent base? Do I buff it with the Beall system before the Poly or after? Or do I actually have to buff it?

    I really don't know why I want to use it other than I read so many posts where members say their projects were finished using BLO and several coats of Poly. I figure there must be a reason that so many do it, so I'll try it.

    Thanks for the help
    Jiggs Elphison

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    I use BLO on just about everything. It POPS the grain pattern. You can use it full strength or I sometimes will tell folks to dilute it at a 1:1 ratio with mineral spirits, this will make it dry faster. Once applied you must wait until it is fully dried. You will know it is dry when you can no longer smell it. Then you can you any finish you like over it.
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    Jiggs read through this and you'll get a good understanding of BLO and how to use it.
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