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Thread: crab apple root ball

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    crab apple root ball

    Just a quick post of a hollow form i had to finish that i ruffed a couple weeks ago. It was finished just to try out them new tools. just a couple coats of sanding sealer for the pic. will sand and put a few coats of laquar on later.
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    Root Ball! Wow, that must be tough to clean up and get on the lathe!
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    Looking good, Steve.

    Brent, when I've turned root balls, I start with the pressure washer. Then I do the initial roughing with an Oland-style tool, since it has an easily sharpened or replaced cutting tip.
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    That is really cool Steve! The only thing standing out is the's a little shiny for me, but everything else is beautiful!!
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    My dad loved turning rootballs. They are a lot of work to harvest but do look great when finished. That is a great piece.

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