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Thread: For sale 25" Widebelt sander

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    For sale 25" Widebelt sander

    Hey Folks I have a friend of mine that had to shut down his shop and he has a 25" Grizzly widebelt sander he needs to move. He bought it new and used it for 2 years in his 1 man shop.
    Problem is it had a flawed main roller shaft and it snapped. He priced a new shaft and it was $600.
    BUT here's the good part he only wants $1000.00 for it. It is 3ph but you could run it off of a phase converter.

    To me it is not that hard of a fix and he is going to see if Grizzly will give him a break on the shaft because of the flaw.

    If I had somewhere to put it you would never see this post but the poor guy needs it move out of his rented shop ASAP.

    Let me know if you are interested and I will get you in touch with him and will get some pictures if there is any interest

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    If I had a larger shop and a $1,000.00 I would grab it.
    Something like that would be perfect in a common/shared shop.
    I have a huge slab of walnut in the garage that is begging to be turned into a Nakashimi (sp?) style dining room or conference table. That sander would be perfect.
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