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    Bullet Pen

    These are a replica of the of a 30 caliber bullet. These I would say fall way short of the bullet pens that Les puts together. But when you have people that want, but aren't willing to pay for the real thing you do the next best thing. They are happy so I guess I am to. One of the pens has a camo blank from Woodturninz and the pen kits are from them. The other is a Afzelia Burl.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice job on the PSI kits Dennis!
    Give em what they are willing to pay for.

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    They both look good to me, Dennis. I'd say the burl is my favorite of the two.
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    Very nice.

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    Nothing to apologize for. Those look mighty fine.
    Like you, I prefer the shorter .308 cases to the 30-06. The shorter allows more wood or antler to be displayed on the top. And, to my eyes, the proportions are more attractive.
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