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Thread: Want to build a Hancock shaker clock see Charles Neil video instruction online

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    Want to build a Hancock shaker clock see Charles Neil video instruction online

    I have no idea how i came across this video but Charles Neil has a site and does project videos with the newbie in mind.

    Most of you will find it maybe beneath your experience but i like his style for guys like myself. Not the perfection of 2 fancy photographers an art director and production supervisor, just a camera and pretty good instruction in my mind especially for beginners. Its like you visiting his shop for the afternoon and he is your uncle telling you how to go about it but not treating you like you a total idiot.

    Very practicle advise.
    Take a look at here.

    BTW there are other projects he has as well.
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    I get a kick out of Charles. He has that "regular guy" way of presenting himself while he turns out some really wonderful work. He is pretty straight forward about doing what it takes to get the result he is after. He respects the lessons learned from the past but adds his own recent experience and methods as well.
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    Here's one of the books he's working from...

    very cool stuff.



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    I enjoy watching him.

    I need to find that book.
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    Norm built one. I've made a couple using his plans.

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    is it just my puter or does this video start and stop alot? if its me then awhats wrong with my setup to cause that to start and stop in the movie.. sorry rob i do like his stuff as well..
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    Its not your comp I have the same problem I just hit pause and wait a while and then come back that give it time to completely load most of the time.
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