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Thread: Building a Railroad the new way

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    Building a Railroad the new way

    amasing how we've developed
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    Thats cool
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    Brings back memories of when we used to go train watching along the northeast corridor around Baltimore. Last time I seen that done was atleast 15 years ago.

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    Wow, that is a whole bunch interesting
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    Really cool. I helped design make and sold a nylon rail fastener/ bolt system for concrete ties and tunnel segment connectors about 13 years ago. Still in use by Union Pacific and a few others today for replacing broken fasteners. Sold hundreds of thousands of tunnel segment connector fasteners on the Toronto transit tunnel.
    Railroad stuff is really cool
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    Cool video Don it shows progress. If you travel in Europe on the French TGV or the German ICE then you get to see the reason for the fuss on the ballast and the rails.

    I am surprised it does not show them tuning up the rails as well.

    Had a fair bit of experience in the rail industry too Bob with things like train number display systems, hot box detectors boosters retarders for a marshaling yard as well as fancy micro based train controllers.

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    I worked for the B&O RR back in the early 80s,at a reclamation /manufacturing shop where my Grandfather worked 30 years before. I thought we were automated in track repair/replacement, but what I just saw was way beyond what we had. we still use wooden crossties,where they use concrete, I guess the cost would be prohibitive for most RRs here. of course, we don't have the 100 mph passenger trains they have, either..we still have speed limits on our tracks...Thank goodness, as many there'd be many more de-railments if we didn't...
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    Very cool, Don. I've got a train fan buddy that's gonna enjoy watching that.
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    Holy Cow!!! That is awesome.

    Thanks for the show.


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    But, I worry about the intelligence of that guy who had his head inside the big machine watching it work.
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