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Thread: more adirondack chairs, the money makers

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    more adirondack chairs, the money makers

    This is the last time Im giving away my money makers.
    A buddy of mine purchased a home recently in the Lancaster area of PA, heavily populated by Amish.
    I figured its time instead of the LI folk buying chairs from the Amish for their backyards and decks, how bout the LI folk display their chairs in the Amish countryside.
    The best part about these two chairs, is that between these and the last set I sold, at least 20 pieces (mostly slats) were from a discarded white oak display cabinet that was tossed. I saw it at my wood guys shop the first time I was there, and he said yeah, its going out with the trash, so I took it.
    There were many dados, areas routed out for hinges and locks, and whatever, but I cut around it all, some I couldnt avoid, like I show the hinge cutout on one of the back slats. But overall the wood only had a few tiny screw holes in them.
    I wont finish these, just cut off the plugs, a 3 minute sand job, and he can do the rest.
    I didnt even bother to use a level or spacers, just eyeballed everything, (said the blind man), used my pinky for a spacer, and assembled them.The table I usually on make if I have enough shorts planed up. I had to use some spanish cedar for the legs on the table, all I had milled at the time.
    I still think they are by far one of the most comfortable adirondack chairs Ive ever sat in or had the plans too.
    Gave me something to do this morning along with reglue up the one cutting board Im making. Hate those things, just too much work for one little board.
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    And you said you wouldn't be doing any woodworking until your back from your trip to the woods! I knew that wouldn't be the case.

    Those look great Alan. They are still on my list to make soon.
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    were not leaving till sunday night or monday morning. I only have 2 days work this week, must occupy my time.

    if youd like, shoot me your email and Ill send you the plans to this adirondack chair. (its a weekend project at most)

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    You put me to shame man with your productivity. Been telling loml i will make these for 2 years.

    Trouble is this neader tool thing keeps distracting me. Been tuning up an old plane and when done with that sorting out and old saw and on and on.

    You sure got these down to a fine art. Way to go on the recycling of used lumber. I cannot tell it from the pictures.

    What do you sell a set like that for in LI.

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    pressure treated, I used to take 75 a chair, now I wont take less than 100.
    White oak, 200 a chair, I throw the table in for free.
    I priced mahogany at 250 a chair, and ipe at 250 since its a horrible wood to have to deal with all that dust.
    Redwood and Red Cedar usually will go for 150 a chair. Ive priced alot, havent sold alot.My choice, I dont make that much money so I only build when I have nothing on my plate, which hasnt happenned since my son needs his house furnished. But this is my pricing schedule, very cheap.(but I only build them when I must build one, Ill usually cut 3 sets at a time)

    I had several requests beginning of this season, but I declined since I was so busy with other stuff. Mostly people I know and then their friends, relatives or neighbors want a set, then maybe their relative or friend.

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    The Levine Machine strikes again. Did you knock all three pieces out this morning? Granted, you've made enough of these that it's probably a walk in the park for you, but most of the rest of us would still be scratching our heads and sorting through the boards while you were driving the last screw.

    Great work, Allen.
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    uh,I assembled the chairs this morning, parts were already cut.
    Whenever I need to do a pair, if I have no parts cut, I always cut 3 sets usually so I only have to do assembly.
    The cutting board took way too much time yesterday. Thats another item unless I do 4 or 5 at a time is a time waster.
    I usually need 10-14 solid hours to do a set of chairs.(pressure treated milled lumber maybe 8 hours)
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    Allen! Those are nice!

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    Those are Great looking chairs. We had a set for years when I was a kid.(back in the 50's). I keep thinking I'll build a set.

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