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Thread: Santa Claus lives in Minnesota

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    Santa Claus lives in Minnesota

    Got a surprise package in the mail today. Recognized the address from our Family friend, Dale Johnson.
    Dale has been very kind to me several times in the past. We share some common interests, especially with things relating to old guns and reenacting. I won't list what he has sent but will say this old kid really enjoys them.
    Today, the Christmas in July box contained two stoppers Dale made. One is inlaid with an Arkansas commemorative quarter. And he sent a forged iron screwdriver. These are very handy in the shooters pouch for minor repairs on muzzle loading rifles while in the field, especially flintlocks.
    Dale, please know I much appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you.
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    Man, the UPS guy really managed to mangle that screwdriver up, huh?

    Nice work and nice gesture, Dale. Frank, you've sent a few surprise packages to folks yourself over the years...I'd suspect this is just some of that coming back to you.
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