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Thread: Walnut Gloat Part 2

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    Walnut Gloat Part 2

    My good friend helped me round up the rest of the walnut along with a large cherry log today. The pile is all walnut and cherry. I just took 3 blades in to get sharpened and will get started in the morning. It sure makes it easier with a tractor. My friend pushed the large logs on the trailer and carried the rest with the bucket.
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    I can see why the tree had to come down, but man, that's some nice-sized chunks. You're gonna have a lot of fun with all that wood.
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    Yup, Pete. That's a gloat alright! I hope you have lots of sealer on hand

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    My whole shop could not hold all that wood. Nice haul.

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    Not sure where I would put that much wood either but I would sure figure out something....................LOL ............that will keep you busy
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    Nice haul Pete. Some great looking wood there.
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    Maybe if I offered the neighbors bowls and pens they would store some for me Great haul!
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    What a haul. That will keep you busy for awhile.

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