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Thread: Future Pen Blanks ............

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    Future Pen Blanks ............

    With three different types of Pheasant feathers ready for casting that will adorn some Elegant Beauties.


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    Man Les, you are the pen master! Those pheasant castings are outstanding.

    I'd like to try my hand at casting someday.

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    Those are beautiful Les. One of these days I think I want to give that a try.
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    Wow, I really like the middle one, Les. They're all three very nice, but the middle one really stands out.
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    What can I say! Those look like winners to me!
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    I asked myself which one would I buy if I was in the market. Came out as all three. Great work Les.

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    Awesome work, Les. Still working on that tutorial? Can you at least tell me, do you glue the feathers to the tube? The tutorial I saw they were tied in place.

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    Really cool stuff. I am looking forward to seeing a tutorial.

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