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Thread: Small Gloat

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    Small Gloat

    I finaly got to use my new wood hauler. Large storm went through a couple days ago and took down a large Mesquite tree where my wife works. She got me permission to get some of it. What a great excuse to buy a new saw. As you can see I picked up a 211 Stihl. After getting the saw I took it to try it out and got these dozen blanks. Went to get more today and it was all gone.

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    Good haul.. get the pith out -- still in several of them..
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    can you see.... I'm sticking my tongue out at you....

    Mesquite is such a cool wood. I have a smaller log (long story) and have not yet made use of it. Lot of stuff on my ticket but I hope by Fall.... Blah Blah

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    That's a very nice haul, and you're gonna love having the Stihl. I've got the MS390, and it's a wood-eatin' son of a gun.
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    Great haul on the wood, and that saw should keep you happy for some time too
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    Neat, that truck load looks delicious.
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    WOW! Some great wood. I envy you.

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    Small gloat

    Great haul,now go make somthin

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    Congrats on a great haul.
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    Congrats on getting the hauler to haul that haul....
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