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Thread: One Step closer to migrating

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    One Step closer to migrating

    Just got home from a short vacation in VA with my parents. We met up at their home 'resort' for the timeshare they purchased a few years back. My wife and I stand to inherit this when they're gone, so it was nice for her to see what they've been talking about the past several years.

    While we were relatively close to Bridgewater, I took an afternoon and drove over to see my grandfather & aunt (who was house-sitting for my parents, tending their pets and sorting some stuff at my grandfather's place). I also stopped and opened up a checking account down there so that we won't have to wait to change things over when we move ;we'll already have at least one account open and running.

    A good time was had by most... Unfortunately Lori was ill much of the way home, but we made good time despite several unscheduled stops

    My son Adam recently passed his driving test, and now has a restricted license (he can't drive past 9PM unless it is home from a school event, and is limited to one non-family passenger at all times), he helped on the long drive, taking the middle third of the trip.

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    Sounds good Ned. (Except for the sick wife parts.) Do you have a tentative timeframe for the migration yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Sounds good Ned. (Except for the sick wife parts.) Do you have a tentative timeframe for the migration yet?
    We're pretty well stuck here until Adam graduates next June. However, we're going to be putting this house on the market once the snow melts (it may be on there sooner, but who buys a house in CNY in February?). Loads of fix-it jobs to do in the next few months, at the same time, I'm ramping up my studio Now. Work is getting a bit too finicky, and I can tell already that I will be gutting it out to the end when I move if they continue in the pattern they've started recently. I can see my way out... the question is can I make it pay enough to do it?

    After Adam graduates, we'll be finalizing the move, I'm going to do that in stages, shop will go down in pieces once the contract is signed... most of the furnishings could go in one big weekend trip with a 24' Ryder once the shop is out of here, but I'm also looking at a 8x12 utility trailer and swapping vehicles with my Dad for awhile... so we can tow the trailer back and forth as often as we need to to make the move.

    SO to sum it up, this time next year I fully intend to be unpacking in Bridgewater. Lori says it is dependent on this house selling, but my answer is that this house is going to sell when it does, and that I'm going to be in VA running my studio by this time next year.

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    I read that your parents have a "time share"... I had one of those back about 10 years ago... actually cost me more than I ever got use out of it.... everytime I tried to do time trades, had problems, my association dues kept going up and I finally figured I could stay in a hotel for what I was paying in dues... I finally dumped it back in '94 or '95... don't miss it at all. Be sure you check out all of the costs... they're not cheap.

    Good luck on the move... it's always a little daunting and exciting too to be planning a move to a new area.
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