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Thread: Grizzley G7948 Drill Press

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    Grizzley G7948 Drill Press

    Anyone used or seen this drill press in person?

    There's a used one for $150 a friend at work is selling. I haven't got a chance to go look at it yet, but was thinking about buying it. It seems more inclined for metalworking, but I can't come up with any reason it wouldn't be good for woodworking.

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    My old grizz drill press was one of the first tools I bought. More for metal work than wood work, but that's just a simple change of the whaddya call it, the working bed, the uh, table thingy.

    For 150 bux I don't think you can go wrong.

    On mine I've got the original table, and I bout a couple of atable adapters. On one I mounted a 'woodworking' table, and on the other a cross slide vise...

    Go for it...
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    $150 for a 20" drill press with a 1 1/2 hp motor? I'd be all over that, assuming it runs and there's no obvious slop in the quill.

    And don't worry about the table. It'll be fine. Plus, as Brent mentioned, you'll probably be wanting to put a wood table on it anyway. Here's the one I made:
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    BUY it,, yu cant go wrong if it runs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    BUY it,, yu cant go wrong if it runs.
    +1 run and get it. Just check it works and that the run out is not bad on the spindle. What a deal.

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    The price is right!
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    Are you back from getting it yet? Where's the gloat pics???
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    Before you buy it chuck up a drill and fire it up. If spins true take it home if it does not leave it standing right where it is.
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    Unfortunately I don't have a number for the guy so I won't get to talk with him until next week sometime. I'll post pictures of it sitting in my garage if it's not gone when I see him

    edit -

    It was sold when I finally got in touch with him. To bad I didn't have his home number or see the add sooner.
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