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Thread: Why Face Shields Are Good

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    Why Face Shields Are Good

    I was working on a natural edge ash bowl Friday night. The blank had a number of voids and cracks, so I was being cautious and light with my cuts. After partially hollowing the inside, I decided to take...wait for it comes...just one last cut...on the outside to clean up a little tearout by the rim. Lathe speed was brisk...a bit over 1000 rpm.

    I touched the gouge to the wood, the tenon broke, and the bowl hit me in the face and broke in two when it hit my face shield (a Trend Airshield). I looked for about 5 minutes and still haven't been able to find the other half of the bowl. I wasn't hurt at all, although I might have a stiff neck when I wake up on Saturday.

    Just a friendly reminder to wear your face protection.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    HOLY COW Vaughn good thing you were wearing your face shield cause THAT chunk would have done some damage for sure. Thanks for the reminder and happy your OK

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    glad yur ok vaughn and see i tried to tell yu that the spinny disease was fatal be sure to change yur shorts as well
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    Great reminder, both to wear a faceshield and to NOT make that darn last cut
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    That looks like it had some mass to it. I can imagine it flying off the lathe at 1000rpm it must have been really moving.

    Glad you weren't hurt!

    How'd the Shield handle it? Need to replace anything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Need to replace anything?
    I'm guessing a pair of shorts
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    Glad you are ok.

    for the face shield.

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    Glad to hear you OK there Vaughn. I know i would have needed new shorts after that. Whats the trend shield look like.

    If its intact and no damage could be the best advert ever for the unit. They are pricey but if you add in the face protection from an object like that and it survived then i would say its well worth the money. Heck even if it did not survive would hate to think what your face would be like without it. And the dust protection is the bonus.

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    Aw shucks Vaughn, I was looking for another black eye to match mine....
    I'm really really glad you had the shield in place... you might have more damage from that chunk than just a black eye... looks pretty jagged in places...

    look under the work bench on the far side of the shop, as far back as you can reach.... that's where my pieces always go... generally have to get down on my belly to reach under there to get them out.....
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    Vaugh, glad you had the face shield on. Hope you find the rest of the bowl.

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