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Thread: A couple of pieces.

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    A couple of pieces.

    Hey guys, I know I don't post much but here are a couple of pieces. I am not very good at taking photos so I never feel like doing it. I feel that the photos do not represent the pieces well so I tend to procrastinate. I posted these on another forum so some of you may have seen them. One is the lidded hollow form which I am going to give to my wife for her birthday this Sunday. It is a piece of Claro Walnut with hard maple finial and base. The finish is CA for the body and satin gel poly for the final and base. I was wanting not only the contrast of the wood but also of the finish. It is about 7 1/2" across and about 12 3/4" high. The other is a bowl I finished last year. It is a mesquite root ball with the worm holes and bark inclusions filled with resin and pigments. This is one of my favorites. I really like the colors of the wood and the resin combined. The finish is in lacquer wet sanded, buffed, and hand polished. It is about 9 1/2" in diameter and about 4 inches deep.

    Thanks for looking

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    now that genie form is SWEET alan ,maybe a bit to much finale but wow purty wood
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    I think the bowl with the inserts is great. Has a sort of Indiana Jones lost jewel kind of feel to it. As if some earth precious stone got mixed in with the wood somewhere in its natural making. What i think really makes it is the color mix between the finish you got on the wood and the inclusion filler.

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    Wow and WOW. Those are some beautiful pieces. I really like the inlays.

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    Great work on both pieces, Alan.
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    Beautiful work Alan, like both of those. That resin really adds some spark to the bowl.

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    Very nice work Alan, they are both winners for sure.

    I bet your wife will love her birthday present!
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    Love them both. The filled one especially...
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    Fantastic work Alan. Finial looks very elegant.

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    Awesome Alan!!

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