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Thread: Another one of my pieces

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    Another one of my pieces

    Hello All,

    This is another one of my pieces. I finished it a few month's back. It is acorn caps in tinted resin with a live oak burl collar in the same tinted resin. It has a CA finish and is about 10 inches tall and 5 inches across.

    This is a fairly labor intensive process and I have quite a bit of time invested. I suspect in the 40 hour range. I will do others but need to find the time. This is my busy time of year for my business so work comes before hobbies.

    Thanks for looking,

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    Wow, that's cool-looking Alan. The colors are very eye-catching, and the form looks sweet. Are the acorn caps glued onto a substrate, or did you just mold a solid resin/acorn blank to start turning from?
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    Now that one is really nice, like every thing about it. under stand why it took so long.

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    Very unique and great looking. I do not understand how you did that. One large casting block?

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    Like Vaughn said, the form is beautiful and the colors are mesmerizing.

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    Beautiful. I like the colors and form.
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    Alan this is amazing work. I can't even fathom the amount of hours you have into this piece.

    Well Done!

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    Wow, that is really a unique piece. How'd you do it?

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    That is one very nice piece. Great idea, great work.

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    Alan-----------nice looking not real clear how you did it though..............can you explain in more detail ? ...........still very nice the way it turned out
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