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Thread: Advice on a new planer

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    Advice on a new planer


    I recently received a trailer load of antique pine from a friends remodel and have quickly discovered I lack the tools to get the wood ready for use. My most pressing need is for a thickness planer and wanted to get folks opinions.

    I was originally looking at the Dewalt 734 or 735 "portable" models. I was initially leaning more toward the 735 due to it having two cutting speeds, but then found out it doesn't come with tables -- those are extra.

    Here's what I'm now considering (all price points are Amazon)

    Am I better off getting the 734 & stand for $505

    Upgrading to the 735, with stand & tables rings in at $755

    But if I'm looking at spending that kind of money, should I spend a bit more and go with a planer/molder combo like the Jet JPM-13CS for $1000

    I'm leaning toward the Dewalt 734, but don't want to end up in the same place I was with my bandsaw -- spending more money in the long run because I tried to save money instead of getting the best I could afford.

    The 735, stand, & tables for $755

    Or if I'm looking to drop that kind of money on the 735, should I really overdo it and consider something like the

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    First of all welcome to the forum. Now I am prejudice since I own the 735 and realy like it. I have had it for over 3 years and have put throigh hunderds of bd.ft of wood. I don't have the extended in feed and out feed as I felt that they were too small. I have various other devices around that are the same height ad the planer on it's stand. The two speed is nice but for the most part I stay at the lowest feed rate (highest cpm).
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    Another 735 owner chiming int.

    Only issue I've had is with hard maple on a planer sled. I probalby didn't have the sled slippery enough, but at 13", it takes care of everything I need... Well, so far, just in case my wife Sharon reads this, which, means I probably really need something much much wider....
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    Welcome Matt I am another 735 owner and totally happy with it. I also do not have the extension tables and so far do not find them necessary. I just lift the end a bit when feeding into and taking out of the planer, you just get the feel of it and very rarely do I get snipe. Also make your own stand and that will help with the cost

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    +1 on the 735 its a great machine dont think you can go wrong with it. What i like about it is the way the blades are reversable so you get two sharp edges for the price of one and they locate on pins so there is no set up.

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    +1 for the 735 and keep in mind that they can be bought used to save some money.
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    Welcome to the Family Matt

    I've got a Makita you guys don't see over there so that moot.

    I have not heard much bad at all about the DeWalt

    Do you really need the larger tool?

    After this job will the larger tool sit in your shop and take up a lot of space?

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    So it sounds like folks are happy with the Dewalt 735

    I've been trolling craigslist (Boston) for the past week or so looking for planers, but folks only seem to be selling Deltas. Any suggestions on where to find one used?

    I expect once I have the planer, I'll work with more rough stock. I've either worked with stuff from the box stores or improvised (with mixed results). Once I work through the 200+ board feet of antique pine, I'll have an excuse to keep using the planer on other projects to further justify the purchase

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    735, 736, whatever it takes.

    I've got a low-end Delta planer that I wouldn't recommend, but I've seen very little bad said about the DeWalt 735. I'd bet a certain percentage of the Deltas you're seeing on Craigslist are being replaced with 735s.
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    maybe we have some one near you that could surface it for you or possible you have a person or lumber yard that would do it for you and thats much cheaper than buying a machine. you need to look at what you want to do in the future, because after you get this done you may want to re-evaluate your decisions.
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