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Thread: 70 billion pixels Budapest - The largest photo on earth

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    70 billion pixels Budapest - The largest photo on earth

    Where I live The largest photo on earth.

    Recommend to you = "Galéria" and "Werkfilm" menu point.
    Enjoy it.


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    That's very cool, Jozsef. Thanks for posting the link.
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    Jozsef, that is a fatastic picture of Budapest. I still think its got to be one of the top cities in the world.

    Nice to see the city council has managed to keep the old buildings with all the pressure to modernize.

    The parliament buildings look like they have been cleaned up since i last visited.

    How about showing us a picture from heros square. I think it was a great tribute to the Hungarian people that all the statues that are now exhibited there were kept in storage during the soviet union era.

    I managed to find it in the middle of all the buildings but its only the top of the colum that sticks out.

    Good tourist promotion idea this picture.

    Brings back a great deal of very good memories

    Thanks for sharing

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    I take 360 panoramic images for my job, that is one incredible image!

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    What a beautiful city
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