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Thread: Got this tube from SA

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    Got this tube from SA

    So I got this tube from South Africa
    I got it some time ago but my camera was amongst the missing. (under the seat of the truck)
    Now that I have found it tonight I just realized I owed Rob some pics.
    Rob's dad made me my very own bell rope The only rope on a ship. Thanks Rob and dad
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails tn_bell rope 001.JPG   tn_bell rope 002.JPG   tn_bell rope 003.JPG   tn_bell rope 004.JPG  
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    Well Chuck its great to see you found the camera. I see my Dad has not lost his touch for making ropes at 93. Guess thats what happens to you when you have the better part of your life in the Navy.

    Glad it got to you ok now ya need to hang it on the bell and ring the bell and buy us all a round of barley hops. Ooops we a little far away to hear.

    All good Pirate ships needs a bell and bell rope me matey. Argh.

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    Since3 he's got the bell rope, I assume he's the cook so he needs to keep the bell polished and fix us all a round of lobster.
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    We gotta see the bell first Don. With Chuck that could very well be a wooden bell so we would never hear when dinners ready until its too late.

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