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Thread: a good day of turning.... =)

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    a good day of turning.... =)

    well, i guess this makes up for the bad day the other day. day 1 of 4 off, and feeling up to having some fun after a 5 hour nap. the other day i made sure that i had enough purpleheart and yellowheart, and squared up the blanks and drilled them. then waited for my first day off. i also got it into my head to use up the odd bit of deer antler i had knocking around a bit in one of my table drawers. the pens will be divided into sets for a silent auction, and i will be keeping the antler one for myself. tomorrow i will be keeping myself busy with trying to turn mushrooms out of some downed willow branches we had at work. i keep this up, and i will be all funned out by the time i go back to work...
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    Those look great Dan!

    Just proves you have to keep at it, we all have good days and bad days!
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    Nicely done, Dan. They all look very nice,
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    Dan those are some good looking pens. Like Stu said there are days and then there are days. I was working on a lidded box the other day. When it broke I just shut down and went for a nap.
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    Nice pens, Dan.

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