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Thread: brief Family meet today

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    brief Family meet today

    I'll be meeting up with Jay at Grizzly in Springfield, MO in a few hours. I'm lending him my video camera for his neighbor situation. It will be a brief visit, I only need a couple small things from Griz.
    Then we will be going to visit my son and his family. It will be the last time we see them (maybe) for a year. They leave for their Australian adventure in a few days. Hopefully, but not likely, we will hit a jackpot and be able to visit them in early December.
    Will try to get wife to take a pic of Jay and your truly at Grizzly.
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    Sounds like a couple good reasons to meet up. Very nice gesture, too, Frank.
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    thanks frank for helping out jay!!!!
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    Nice in all cases I hope Franks camera is the ticket to finally take care of your NN Jay.

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    Hope you guys have a good meeting, and Kudos Frank for helping Jay!
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    Hope you have a great day and that the video fixes the problem.


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    Along the same lines I saw that HF has a sale on 2 cameras and a monitor for under $50.00.
    Glad on the family meet
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