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Thread: Which framing nailer?

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    Which framing nailer?

    I will be building a pole barn and a couple of lean-tos soon and because I am tired of swinging a hammer (carpel tunnel) I've been thinking about getting a framing nailer. I have a portable air compressor so I've been leaning toward getting an air operated nailer as opposed to a Pasload.

    My question goes to reliability and nail pricing. I don't know if nails cost more for some brands or if it is a wash. I will not be using this nailer for more than the occasional project so I see no need to get the best. I just want something that will get the job done for a reasonable cost.

    I am leaning toward a full round head type rather than the clipped head.

    Any opinions?
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    hitachi is my choice..and if you can get a coil nailer i would rather than strip..
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    I have used a Bostitch F21PL for a couple of years for decks, sheds, framing, patio and flooring projects around my house and helping friends out. Never had a problem with it. It's currently $220 at the orange borg and you can get nails at the blue or orange borg.

    A friend of mine swears by his Harbor Freight 21º framing nailer, $80 right now. He used it to add-on and remodel his home. Uses the same nails as the Bostich.

    I think the pros lean toward Hitachi products. But they're in the $370 and over range.

    Just be sure to buy one that you can buy nails for locally. Shipping for a box of nails is expensive.

    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    hitachi is my choice..and if you can get a coil nailer i would rather than strip..
    Yep the coil nailers don't have to be refilled as often. But I like the ease of switching between 8d and 16d nails with the strip nailer.

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    I've got a HF 21º cause I was too cheap to spring for a good one.

    I've used it to do a little remodeling around the house and to put up some shelves in the garage.

    It uses strips of clipped head nails.

    I haven't used it enough to comment on its durability or quality, but so far it's punched a nail every time I pull the trigger and I haven't had to get the hammer out to finish any of them off.

    For me it was one of those tools that didn't warrant going top of the line. It's something I probably use rarely, but really appreciate having it when I need it...
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    I've got an older ail powered pasload. If you've got to do much toe nailing, make sure you get one that has cleats around the nailer head. Basically it's the safety that gets pushed up to allow the trigger to move, but it's got some teeth that will keep the head where you are intending to shoot the nail in. Some just have a smooth ring and allow the gun slide down the stud before you get the nail driven and makes them drive into the wrong spot.

    just my .02

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    I also have the air pasload framer. Can't go wrong with it. I've used probably every framer that has come out in the last 30 years, and will say that any of the name brands will last some one like your self years. i don't like the bostitch just feels wrong to me. not to mention the nails have that wire that likes to stay in your finger when you shoot your self. Don't ask me how i no this.

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    +1 foe they stay away from Bostitch I run Senco I have one SN70 that shoots 20P just for pole barns. The sn70s are good reliably guns. They also have a hardened nail for shooting into concrete. But they are heavy and not cheap. I have a Paslode Impulse It's not the gun to have if your framing all day or shooting down plywood. But it sure is handy for the frame in this window or a quick wall.
    I try and stay away from the guns that shoot plastic collated nails. Those small bits of plastic start to hurt after awhile and will make you bleed.
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    Nails are a key point, I have an Hitachi and love it. full headed nails but limited availability. If you choose a brand, also see how easy is it to find the nails, locally where you are located. The Hitachi needs to be used daily to compensate the extra expence but I am limited to occasional use anymore so If Were to re-select, I would seek out a cheaper nailer wiTh cheaper nails.

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    Odd man out with a Porter Cable. It has never let me down and I seem to remember nails were about $40 a case at HD
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    My vote is for Porter Cable also I have 3 different guns and all work great with no problems and they are a lot cheaper. My high dollar Senico is in the trash cost more to rebuild it than a new gun.
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