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Thread: The 2 HOUR BOWL!!!

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    The 2 HOUR BOWL!!!

    NO, I did not complete this NE Maple bowl in two hours.

    I finished it late Friday evening and took it to the Saturday morning market.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Maple NE Bowl 7-30-2010.jpg 
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ID:	47649 Maple NE 12" Dia X 8" tall.

    It was tha last piece I set out, after showing it to a potter friend. Time 8 AM. At 10:00 AM a previous customer stopped by. They have a black Lab who happens to like beggin strips(I give a treat to well mannered dogs at the market). While I was feeding "James" and giving him his ration of bellyrub and lovin'. The wife called over and asked if potpurie(SP) oil would hurt the finish.
    I said no and the husband said "Put a sold sign on it. We'll bring a check next week - tomorrow.

    It lasted two hours before it sold. A record for me.

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    Ok Bruce we believe ya because youre family but when the picture police arrive on the scene you gonna get busted. Great job on the sale. Way to go with the marketing dog treat idea

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    Congrats, Bruce. That is a pretty fast turnaround time on a bowl.

    I may also have to steal your doggie treat idea, too. At a some shows, I've had a few little finger tops stashed out of sight. I like to give them to kids (with the parents' permission) who are extra well-behaved, or those who just look like they need something to smile about.
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