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Thread: Scroll sawing

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    Scroll sawing

    I hope this is in the right place. I just bought a scroll saw and need some links. I need to know whats books I should get to start with and where to get patterens from. At this point I have no idea of what type of ss I plan on doing, just want to get a general feel for now.

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    Hi Al -

    I just Googled "scroll saw plans" and one of the first hits was Although they're in the business of selling plans, they do have a link to a free beginner's guide that looked like it might be useful. I'm guessing you could get a pretty good start just Googling around the 'net to get beginner's scroll sawing info, and in the process I'm betting you'll find lots of people selling plans. (Or offering free ones.) I'm not sure a book would be necessary to get started.
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    Al, I have a stack of books and plans about a foot high, and I'll make a list and send them to you. Patrick and Patricia Spielman (husband and wife) put out a lot of SS books. I know that some of them are still available through Woodworker's Supply; they should be available at your local library or even through Amazon or another used-book purveyor. I'll get the list off to you asap.

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    When I first got a scroll saw, I found a book called Scroll Saw Workbook by John A Nelson to be invaluable. The main portion of the book contains a series of projects and in each on you learn a new skill. Here is an Amazon link to the book:
    Cheers, Frank

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    Thanks everyone for their help. I just talked to Mike from and he agreed with Frank on that book.
    Nancy, thanks for takeing time out to make that list for me.

    Vaughn, Didnt even think about google till now, wow theirs a ton a places with plans. Thanks for the idea. Now I have to wait for the junk of cast iron to arrive in the mail. I cant wait to have a new toy to play with.

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