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Thread: King Solomon sculpture and some actual woodworking...

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    King Solomon sculpture and some actual woodworking...

    My masonic lodge decided to sell the lodge building this year, and one item which they wanted to donate to the Masonic Library in Utica was a sculpture of King Solomon which had been on the newell post at the top of a short flight of stairs.

    well Mark joined the lodge this spring, and was very helpful in retrieving the sculpture, his EZ-Smart was extremely useful!

    Ken suggested that I simply build a 'box to support the bust... and I'm thinking he's on the right track. I also have to re- cap the newell post at the old lodge building... photos of that to come once I have the new cap built and installed

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    What is to become of your lodge?
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    We're moving to the main Masonic Hall in Utica, about 6 miles away from the New Hartford Lodge. Our expenses are going Down by a good...$9000 per year. Beautiful facility where 6 other lodges and several concordant bodies meet. The main lodge room is perhaps the most beautiful outside of the Grand Lodge rooms in NYC in the state, certainly in the county/district.

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