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Thread: Slant top desk

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    Slant top desk

    Been making some progress on the desk for my daughter Liz. I thought I started this in another thread but couldn't find it.
    Desk is mahogany with tamarack inside cubbys and drawers.

    Started with the base and it came out really well. Quite pleased with it. I made some tamarack dowels and put two of them in each mortise and tenon joint on the base. Never made dowels before. It was kind of fun. I hope it will look good together when finished.

    Got the desk top and insides glued up today. It was pretty stressful getting everything lined up and square before the glue started to set. I was sure glad that I took the time to pre-assemble everything and trim things up before I committed to the glue The only mistake I made was the stopped dados for the inside cubbys. I made them with a 1/2" router bit but I planed my wood slightly less than 1/2" . So there is a small gap maybe about 1/32" where they meet the bottom and top. It will be hardly noticeable when it's finished I hope. It took me a little while to figure out haw to cut the angles on the sides. I considered using my circular saw but then thought of making a jig on my crosscut sled. I cut both sides at the same time by lining them up with a framing square and screwing supports on my sled to hold the sides. Worked great

    The sliding supports for the desk front came out good as well. I wanted to cover the end grain but I never made "T" molding before. I made a long piece on the TS for safety reasons then cut off the short bits for the supports. I am very happy with the results.

    The inside guides were cut out on the router table them chamfered on the insides of the cuts for the screws, 1 on each side that will stop the drop front supports from pulling all the way out.

    Hopefully I will get to glue up the drop front tonight. It will have breadboard edges. The inside of the front has to have a 22 degree routed lip. I have no clue as yet on how to make it Maybe you folks can give me some suggestions.

    I need to make 2 drawers for the insides. I was thinking about using mahogany for the fronts to set off the tamarack . Then 1 large drawer for the front.

    As usual comments suggestions are really appreciated.

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    looks like your making some real good progress and here is a link to the eariler thread bob
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    good looking piece of work bob. looking foward to your progress.

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    Bob looking real good. I see your making a lot better time than i am. looking foward to seeing the top sitting on the base. Gonna be a sharp desk.

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    Looking great so far, Bob. I'll be watching for more.
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    Looks great Bob. Kind of hard to suggest something when it looks like you have everything under control.

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    Bob whole project looks real great. What i really like is the fact that you put the bead on the rails of the base. Thats the kind of nice detail that i think is missing on many of the hobby projects but it adds that real pro craftsman look to me.

    This project i will follow real careful. I always wanted to make one of these desks.


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    Slant top Desk - Finished

    Finally finished the desk. I've been so busy with other stuff the past few weeks i didn't have the time to really put effort into it.
    I am pleased with the way it came out. A few errors here and there that my daughter will never see (or would overlook anyway)
    It was supposed to have 3 drawers inside. But I was working from 2 different set of plans and didn't notice that the top decorative part of the desk hung a bit lower than I thought and the top drawer is just a touch too big to fit in the opening.
    I also had to cut a chamfer along the bottom of the drop front to keep it from hitting the top of the large drawer. Looks just fine though.
    The dovetails came out good on the big drawer. But they are made on my jig so no big deal.
    I wish I used 3/8" or 1/4" stock on the inside compartments. The 1/2" looks a bit chunky to me. I also wonder about the size of the brass knobs on the front and drawers. They are looking a bit too large to me. I got them on sale at Rockler's 75% off table.

    I did 2 coats of 50/50 BLO and mineral spirits then 3 coats of wipe on poly.

    The mortising of the hinges went great thanks to Carol's tips. Although I owe my wife a new cutting board. I couldn't find a small piece of MDF anywhere. As I was cutting up tomatoes for the nights salad I saw that her cutting board was just what I needed for making the template for the sewing machine hinges. So far she hasn't noticed it's missing

    It was a fun build. I learned a lot.
    Next up is a shaker pie safe with punched tin panels for one of my other daughters.
    The local mill has overstock of Red Maple and is giving me a great price on as little as 50bf.

    As usual any comments good or bad as well as suggestions on what I could do better next time is really appreciated.

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Name:	100_3752 (600 x 400) drawer.jpg 
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Name:	100_3756 (600 x 400) jig.jpg 
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    Exceptional work - nicely done. Bravo!
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    Looks great Bob. Your daughter will treasure it her whole life

    Now, on that pie safe, does it come with extra locks? Not sure you could keep me out of it

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