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Thread: Some advise about the Follow Along Project?

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    Some advise about the Follow Along Project?

    This has turned into a real time sink!

    I had not intended to do the drawing tutorial. It was like writing a text book - and probably reads like one, too! And I just finished writing the second half with drawing the drawers. It won't post until later.

    The good part is that I better understand SketchUp!

    I have taken lots of pictures, but it takes a ton of time to process them for inclusion here.

    So some questions regarding your desires. You want shorter texts with more pictures - most likely. But how much detail do you want?

    You want meaningful pictures, but how big on the screen?

    Do you just want short posts, but not long dissertations? Or, do you want the whole enchilada, perhaps as an attachment with the pictures embedded?

    What I have posted thus far is largely unedited. If someone were following along and doing the same work, they would be able to tell me where things are too wordy, unclear, lacking, etc.

    What say you all?

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    Carol for me i do lots better with pics than text. Text has always boared me. Not that it don't need to be shared most of the time. Just me being a hands on type person i need to be able to see something to understand what the other person is talking about. it might be seeing a pic or it might be seeing it in my mind, don't matter as long as i can see it. Just like that little demo you did for me. I must of read about it 1000 times, but it never sank in till you showed me. hope that makes sense. Corse that's just one dumb hillybilly's way of seeing things

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    I don't think that you started out doing a SU tutorial. Why not just publish the pictures and we can figure out how you got there. I thought the purpose of the thread was to show the method you tackle a project. Nothing fancy on the pics either just a jpeg of the drawing that SU will produce for you.
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    good point don.. but the sketchup set up is a good part of this, we may not need all the make this line or that line just show the next stage which would take some of the load off for her maybe..
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