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Thread: Which wood for Capoeira Drum

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    Which wood for Capoeira Drum

    Hi guys. So I am planning to build a big drum called an 'atabaque' - like this:

    It will be for our local capoeira group It is traditionally made of Brazillian Rosewood which I believe has a density of about 850kg/m3 (53lb/ft3) when dried.

    I don't know, but I think, it would be very hard/ expensive to get hold of Brazilian Rosewood here in the UK, so basically wondered if you guys had any advice for a more attainable alternative - hopefully something with that will sound similar (So I guess it has to have a similar density)..


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    Ash, beech, and oak are a little less dense, but according to this chart, they are approaching the density of rosewood. Here's another chart, this time from a UK site. Can you get your hands on any Rock Elm?
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    Hay Vaughn, they look like useful tables, nice one
    Like you say there are a few woods that look like they might be ok for it, but I guess things like hardness and grain structure will also affect the sound ??

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    Hi Bongo.

    Here is site of African style drums that are made of maple or walnut.

    And here is discussion of what woods to use for snare drums. Not really your application, but interesting background information.

    Hope this helps.
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