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    scary stuff

    Just a minute ago I received a phone call. The caller had an obviously adult male voice. He claimed to be my ten year old grandson calling from a pay phone. He said he was in trouble and needed money. To verify if it was my grandson (I was sure it wasn't) I asked him how old he was. The phone clicked off immediately.
    Of course I instantly notified my son and DIL, my wife and daughter.
    Scary part is someone would have and use the name of my ten year old grandson for a scam like that.

    BTW, do pay phones still exist?
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    Yep, lots of scammers out there these days and they have no shame at all.
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    Yep there are pay phones still out there. Got to look for them though. That is why I never put our names on the doors of our pickup and why our mailbox only is J&L Shively. Giving to much info even in our local areas provides fodder for the scum of the earth to try to use to their advantage.

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    Yes there are pay phone but what ever you do dont take a collect call from one of those. My step daughter called form one and didnt have 50 cents so called collect that 1 min local call cost me $17.67 but they would adjust it by 30% nice folks HUH.
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