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Thread: Dropping in from Oregon

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    Dropping in from Oregon

    Hi, all,

    Just got in through the back door on a google for Sawstop info. Couldn't see the images without joining, and I figured heck, why not.

    I have done several projects over the last four years, and posted pics on my website. Get a LOT of hits about the Norm's Router Table I built two years ago. It's not quite as purty today as in the pics because it gets a lot of use. I really love that tool.

    Having just become a GREAT granddad, I may get into building toys for a while. Just started a toy chest the little girl will need in about a year. An elephant "trunk." It's fun and easy. I'll post progress on my site.

    I'm mostly a lurker at the Woodnet forums but Hope to do some give and take here as well. You seem like a nice bunch of folks.


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    Well Dan welcome to the family. Great of you to come in from the cold.

    How about you do a shop tour post show us your set up.

    BTW i hope you enjoy your stay you will find a great bunch of people here.

    Hey just had a look at your site and you make some nice stuff there. Larry will be happy to see another flatlander sign up.
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    Welcome to the forum Dan.

    That sure is a good looking router table. I enjoyed the shop tour as well.

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    Welcome Dan! Had a look at your router table - very nice. I purchased the plans a couple of years back and have been procrastinating. After seeing yours I'm thinking I should get off my duff and get r done.
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    Welcome to the Family Dan!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    Welcome Dan nice web site
    A Turn N Time
    Components for John Smith Organs and the Hobby Organ Builder

    Frog Pond Guitars

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    Woo hoo another Dan! Welcome!
    Dan Gonzales
    Whittier, CA, USA
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    Hey Dan, Welcome from another Dan, and another Oregonian. I'm over in Southeast Portland. Great bunch of people here!
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    from one grandpa to another, welcome !!!
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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