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Thread: Welcoming Mack's Jointer

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    Welcoming Mack's Jointer

    “In a shadowy gravel lot near the Halifax airport, two trucks with trailers made their dark, appointed rendezvous. Greetings were exchanged, introductions made, and a big cast iron machine was gently lifted from one trailer to the other. Moments later, with a promise of another meeting in the near future, the vehicles sped away on their respective missions. And the story continues......”

    (This is cross-posted, with my apologies, from the Canadian Woodworking forum, where Mack Cameron and I are both members (along with a few others here) and where there was lively interest in the prospective sale of Mack's jointer back in the spring)

    Now, I don’t customarily name my machines, but if I did, this one would have to be “Big Mack”!

    Mack Cameron’s lovely old 8 inch Rockwell jointer is now safely installed here in it’s next home, where it will be soon put to deliberate and careful work. We paced for an extra day waiting for the rain to let up and for helpers to be available, while the machine rested under layers of tarps on the trailer. No harm done. Her table shines and she runs like a fine old car.

    Thank you Mack, for your patience throughout this long transaction. We will take good care of it!
    A big thanks goes to our friend Brian, the Travelling Man, and his friend Henry, for providing the transport from Brooklin Ont to Nova Scotia. The whole deal hinged on him.
    Finally, thanks to Mack's "Ajax Breakfast Group" for the heavy lifting on the front end, and to my buddies Matt and Mike (who both offered storage in their shops), and our son Shayne, for helping with the install.

    Might have to go out and flatten a few wide boards before bed, just because I can!

    Pictures below for the “police”.

    Best regards
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Arrival of Mack's Jointer Aug 2010 002.jpg   Arrival of Mack's Jointer Aug 2010 003.jpg   Arrival of Mack's Jointer Aug 2010 005.jpg   Arrival of Mack's Jointer Aug 2010 007.jpg  

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    Great story, Peter, and it looks like Big Mack has a loving new home. Looks like a sweet jointer, too.
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    Congrats Peter!

    Great story, thanks for the pics, that really is a community working together there, you are lucky for sure!
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    What a great story, many facets there. Thanks for sharing it Peter.

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    anything Mac touches turns to gold i think its great way to continue on a great tools life and the friends involved in it..
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