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Thread: Pre catalyzed laquer

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    Pre catalyzed laquer

    At a recent woodworking gathering a fella had a beautiful table with a finish you could probably read the 1/16th markings on a tape measure out to 36"...I asked what kind of finish he had used and he told me a pre catalyzed laquer but wasn't giving out much more information, so I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a place I can read and understand how to do it, or better yet if you have done it and your process....

    Thanks in advance.
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    steve, lacquer or even varnish can be rubbed out to the finish you discribe. just like buffin` out automotive paint, in fact i really like 3-m`s products for buffing out lacquer.....tod
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Rub outs, poilishing, takes more coats. Say 3-4-5 coats.
    Lightly sanding between coats.

    With kitchen cabs, I use only two coats. No polishing here.

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    As I understand it the difference between the lacquer and the pre catalized lacquer is this "one adds an amber tone to the work and the pre catalized remains clear". Not sure if this is what may help.

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    I haven't read up on "Pre Cat" Laquer yet, but I was under the impression that you have to add a Catalyst, (much like mixing an epoxy) before you shoot it, and that it gives you the opportunity to somewhat control the drying time and hardness of the finish, and that the finish is much more durable than normal laquer. If this is not correct, please feel free to step in and give us the real Poop on the subject. I also understand that it can be some pretty "Mean" stuff on your breathing system if you don't take all the safety precautions and use the appropriate mask, etc.

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