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Thread: Bosch Blades ?

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    Bosch Blades ?

    Dang Nabbit I nicked a hidden screw with my last good BS blade, Just last week I was discussing with myself how that blade has been doing so good and for so long... All for Naught, now...

    I was going to go across town to get a new blade (17 miles one way) and knowing I can't get out of either the Rockler or WoodCrafter store with one item.... and with gas at $2.85 per gal, I decided to slide down to Lowes and see what blades they had. Bosch blades, so I picked one up at $9.00 or so. Less than $10 cause I got some pocket change back. Got busy and didn't install it yet. Anyway, has anyone used them and what was the opinion?
    Seems a little flimsy, May get me through this project.

    Woodcraft in Lexington is just down the road from my grandson's apartment at UK so I may gather some new ones when I go to take him the Giant Whiteboard I am making for him to work his Calculus problems on. (these engineers love their math problems)

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    Haven't used the Bandsaw blades. Have them in my jigsaw (which is a bosch) and been very happy with those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    Haven't used the Bandsaw blades. Have them in my jigsaw (which is a bosch) and been very happy with those.
    Same here. The jigsaw blades are probably the best I've used, but no idea about the bandsaw blades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Same here. The jigsaw blades are probably the best I've used, but no idea about the bandsaw blades.
    Same here--sorry.


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    try ellis mfg for some replacements Mr Simpson.. they are reasonable and last as long as the rest. 50 dollar min order. but could get group buy going..
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    Also take a look at Good blades, good prices. Interested to hear about the Bosch.

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    Well, confusion around here slowed down and I installed the Bosch blade, did a tuneup on the saw and all seems well, except the tick tick tick, felt of the weld and was not happy, rubbed it down with an Arkansas hard stone and smoothed it out (shouldn't have to do this) Now, runs silent-cuts straight.

    Made the 4 cuts I needed and all went well so... ? keeper for now but still looks a bit chincy. Will do till I get better,

    Thanks for the tips on blade brands but I don't use enough to buy in bulk and hate to pay shipping that costs more than the item, so I'll continue to purchase through hands-on shopping.

    As for the comparison to Jigsaw blades. Entirely different ball of fun. Obviously a completely different manufacturer, The packaging right down to the bubble pack it comes in is exactly the same as the Rigid blades, only the label printing is different. My guess it is the same manufacturer, somewhere in China.

    In two weeks we will go visit my grandson and as I said, Woodcraft is down the road from his appartment. Or maybe combine a trip as the local Woodcraft is next to the Bass Pro Shop, (I got a gift card from there) Good resturants close by so maybe take "Ma" out for dinner, let her shop Sak's 5th Ave. whilst I blow my budget.

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