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Thread: One of My Kids

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    One of My Kids

    This guy was one of my students, filmed a few years back. We've stayed in touch over the years and are still good friends. I taught him the "tapping" technique for part of Eruption, but he took it a few levels above what I ever did...

    He's a great guy, too. Never drank or did drugs, faithful and devoted to his girlfriend (and eventually wife and kids), honest, humble, friendly, and an electronics whiz. (For example, in high school he built a wireless remote starter for his car...from scratch.) Used to have real bad stage fright too, but he got over it.
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    vaughn i think he got it for sure that was awesom!!1 i could listen to him anytime...
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    Wow, he's really good. I'll have to check out some of his other videos tonight.

    I can remember learning that song, it was a tough one to play. I think that is also when my instructor taught me about harmonics. I spent a good month learning to tune the guitar using harmonics.

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