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Thread: veneer quality spalted maple

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    veneer quality spalted maple

    can someone explain to me what the difference is between spalted maple that looks fantastic and veneer quality spalted maple?
    The wood guy told me the 100 bf of spalted maple I bought was from a veneer house and he showed me why they couldnt use it, so why does that make it veneer quality?(some of the spalting seemed to have slight cracks? splits, he said they wouldnt use it)
    But Im thinking if I can Id like to cut 1/4 inch slices, maybe get 3 out of a slice, and use it for panels, and stretch it out instead of planing down the boards and only getting one panel out of each section.

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    to a veneer house allen, it has to be perfect...they look at the logs in the rough stage and make there best judgment..once they start cutting the little cracks would turn it into scrap for them. the cracks will remain there and would need to be filled in some manner. to a veneer distributor that isnt quality veneer.. you can cut it in the thickness you want but those little cracks will need to be you can do as you want but just remember that those cracks are gonna be there..probably from wind shake or the dropping of the tree.
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