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Thread: Finally sold it

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    Finally sold it

    Lost my shirt. Had to sell it for less than I paid for it 6 years ago. Not considering the $3,000 I put into it.
    Just gotta love the economy. At least its finally gone and the cash will sure come in handy.

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    Pretty. Pity. Sorry you had to sell it.
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    Well Bob, one less possession that requires maintenance and attention. Better days ahead for you.

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    I'll bet you save a bundle on insurance now. Tough way to do it.


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    I cant part with my little convertible yet. Im having issues. Sure must have hurt to let something go that is so beautiful and fun.
    And that is sure a beauty.

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    Sad to see this Bob but as Ken says look at the other side of the coin. Most cars are depreciating assets. Just like our tools. Now you have more money for wood.

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    your not alone bob, there are alot folks out there losing there shorts on all kinds of worldly goods from house to thanks ful you sold it ..things are lookun worse in the future.
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    I loved my 'Vettes when I was young and foolish.... I had 2.. a '64 and a '65... the '65 was a replacement for the '64 when it was stolen. The '64 had a 327 rated at 365 HP, it had a Holly AFB carb sitting on top of the engine that was almost as fast a gas pump at moving gasoline... sure would scoot though... the '65 had a 327 rated at 300 hp... smaller carb I think... I wound up selling it when I got married because it's not much of a family car... the new wife already had a 6 year old and she just wouldn't ride ont he luggage rack..

    The car I really hated to give up was my Alfa Romeo Alfetta that I bought after the divorce...I had it 13 years, but the years were beginning to tell on it and it needed a lot of work... there aren't any Alfa dealers in Houston area and no mechanics that know anything about Italian cars... I'm not a mechanic and have no inclination towards ever becoming one, so it went... traded it for a little Ford Escort for my son's graduation gift.
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    We had tons of fun in the car. but it was time to get rid of it. It spent most of it's time in the garage.
    Insurance was only $200/yr and registration and taxes were less than $100/yr.

    I had a 69 vette while dating my wife back in 1971. I sold it so we could use her more practical car. a 70 Volkswagen.

    Besides, with the bad back and the larger waistline gettin in and out of the car was becoming more difficult
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