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Thread: Any one here ever had a Bunny Chow

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    Any one here ever had a Bunny Chow

    So Dan posted his sons hand in the bread and it reminded me of something i had not thought about in I dunno 38 years.

    We had a local meal I guess is the best I could do to describe it.

    Called a Bunny Chow. It was sold at the "greasy spoon" if that means something to you.

    Take half a loaf of fresh white bread, take your hand and remove in one scoop of your hand the soft center. Then fill the loaf with curry stew and put scooped out bit back on top.

    After a night out on the town this was breakfast hangover food when i was much younger.

    You use your hands and eat the center portion first then start on the half loaf and the rest of the curry. Wash it down with a pint of milk.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Brent you gotta try this sometime. I tried your turtles. Just wait for winter.

    P.S> Picture shows beans but that aint quiet right, it was usually potatoes and meat, either mutton, or chicken pieces chopped up with bones. Poor mans food. Wrapped in paper like fish and chips.

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    Around here (and particularly in San Francisco), you can find places serving hollowed-out sourdough loaves filled with clam chowder. Sort of similar, but with different bread and fillings than you had in South Africa.

    More pics
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    I don't know about bunny chow but I do know about "smart pills"

    One day long ago my dad and I were walking in the woods. when. I looked down on the forest floor and saw dozens of small black round pellets. I asked my Dad what they were and he picked one up and announced that they were "smart pills". I popped one in my mouth and with a disgusted look on my face said, oh my gosh Dad they taste like rabbit crap He looked at me and said, See you're getting smarter already
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    "Any one here ever had a Bunny Chow"

    Nope, always a good enough shot that I got to eat the bunny, didn't have to eat what he left on the trail.

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    there is a irish stew that is served that way as well, may have some of the samereasoning as for the hangover cure theory
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    the local greasy spoon here call that a meal in a bowl and you eat the BOWL

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    Our local diner has the sourdough bowl with Idaho baked potato soup. I can hear my arteries harden every time I eat it!

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    I've had chili in bread bowls before. Always like the way the bread soaks up the 'extry' flavor....
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    Chicken curry stew in a bread bowl.... mmmm.
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