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Thread: Magellan RoadMate 2036 GPS?

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    Magellan RoadMate 2036 GPS?

    Have any Family members used one of these? Were you satisfied? Would you buy another? Any info appreciated.


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    I am not sure what version magellan my mom has but we used it this spring on the Tour De Wood and it worked very well for us. Great features and easy to use as far as I am concerned

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    From what I have seen, there isn't much difference between different makes and models of GPS units for cars. What is a big factor is the mapping. The companies buy from a mapping service and what they get is often way-way out of date. We like our unit but one cannot take the directions as gospel, do continue to use yer noggin also.
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    I don't know anything about the Magellan... I use a Dianne 1943 for all my mapping and routing... so far we haven't gotten totally lost, although occasionally she gets right or left mixed up and we'll turn the opposite way..
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    I have a TomTom and it takes me door to door. Maps are old but general destination is the same. Problem comes where new roads are re-routed. New City streets like subdivisions are also a problem.

    But for basic travel it is wonderful. Never leave home w/o it.

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    another vote for the gps,, but like frank says you do need to out think it sometimes..i have logged alot of miles on one for going places i hadnt been before. mine is a garmin and the magellan tom is talking about has a couple differnt features that mine doesnt but not enough to drop it and go buy another..
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    can't remember the name of mine. Lo mein, lotramin, Lawrence, ....ah, lowrance. Thats it.

    I t was an inexpensive unit, about $140.00 3 or 4 years ago but it works great. The memory card inside can be reloaded by buying a new updated one or downloading for free. I think most units now have this capability.
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