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Thread: Follow Along Project - Part 5 - Assembly

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    Follow Along Project - Part 5 - Assembly

    Once the parts were cut, milled, and checked for squareness and size, it was time to dry fit for glue-up and then finally, assembly.

    I use the Rockler Squares. Here I can clamp an end to the bench and then clamp on a side. As they say, "look, Ma, no hands!"

    Attachment 47994

    This is the time I check again that every joint fits perfectly. Then get the glue bottle out. I use artist's paint brushes from Harbor Freight to spread glue. I found it to be more tidy that anything else. My brush bottle has half the cap cut away to insert the brush into water. The half portion of the cap also allows for a brush "scraper" to wring out excess water.

    Attachment 47995

    When I got to the top of the cabinet, I had to move things to lower saw horses. This wasn't too heavy yet and slid down to the lower platform easily. If it had been too heavy, I would have rolled the bench under the hoist and used it.

    Attachment 47996

    Because a heavy mortiser will top off this cabinet, I screwed the sides into the ends as well as the rabbets and glue. Sort of belt and suspenders, function over beauty.

    Attachment 47997

    When all was attached, I had a half millimeter or less overhang. I simply routed it flush, sanded it smooth and rolled the edge with my sanding block to get a nice finger friendly edge.

    Attachment 47998

    I did another stupid thing. I hate crawling into the cabinet to install drawer slides. So I get this bright idea to install the cabinet profiles on the sides before assembly. I was determined to get them both straight and directly across from one another.

    Attachment 48000

    And I clamped squares on for the installation. Thought I was golden.

    Attachment 47999

    Well, I forgot more than a couple of things as it turned out. When I get to posting the drawer installation, you will see. So if you are following along for the purpose of building, do not mount drawer slides at this point.

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    Part 3b

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    Looking good..I like the hoist and your cutting guide..

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    I had time today over lunch to catch up on your project Carol. I got a good chuckle out of the "Board Stretcher" analogy, I've needed one of those many a times.


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    even the teacher forgets some key steps untill its almost to late this where the class laughes at teacher and then hopes she doesnt recognize the voices and sends them to the principals office for further explanation lookun forward to the confessions coming up
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    Here is another assembly tip. I didn't use it for this project, but I am building some book shelves and the assembly gets "bulky."

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    Those are Harbor Freight corner clamps. I clamped each clamp to a scrap piece of plywood. The plywood is on top of saw horses and each piece can move independently of the other. They hold the ends and sides vertically while I fuss around to get the pieces to fit perfectly.

    The far end of the sides are supported with a scrap of 3/4" ply to keep them in the same plane as the clamp.

    These are an inexpensive additional pair of hands.

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