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Thread: Neader tool set (all users) just about complete

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    Neader tool set (all users) just about complete

    Seeing the post on the tool collector had me think i would post a picture i took last night after shooting pics of my planes.

    Decided it was time to haul em all out and record them for prosperity and of course to gloat.

    So with a helping hand to kick it off from Dad, and then contributions from various fine members here and a little patience and luck on ebay here is my tool kit thus far.

    Dont forget the all important bench and vise they resting on. You aint a neader without it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Neader tool set 2010 merged image small.jpg 
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    As to the saws, well there is a lot of room to be improved in that area. But that is why you see the $8 bucks Jack saw there and two handles. They all in for a sharpening or disposal if it dont work out. The one that is a keeper is the small one with the straight handle. Its a hand me down and will be sharpened by a pro not me unless somehow i develop the skill to a point where i will risk it.

    The chisels i have mentioned before all go back to Royal Navy issue even have 1943 stamped on and the gov sign. Handles need some work.

    Next up after hauling them all out last night is two new knobs for the router plane, i sanded those and put my terrible mistake of a mix on em so they gotta go. Also new tote and knob for the other number 4 and maybe the no.7 just to make em all look like a family.

    Then the scraper has a new blade but it needs some work on its base, the rosewood square is no longer square after Dad used it as a hammer on our jobs around the home ( if anyone knows how i can true it up please advise its real good and solid but...)

    The old wooden spoke shaves are just for show. Dont know how they ever used those. You adjust em by tapping the blade hook in and out.

    A bunch of sharpening needed now on a few. Also new home gotta be built for the planes. They dont deserve to be stuck away in draws.

    Thinking of a neader type wall mounted tool cuppboard with doors etc like one that appeared on a LV catalog something like this.

    So how about it you wanna show off your woodworking neader hand tool set?

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    hey rob, is that a 4 1/2 next to the no.5? if so your holding out on me i still need a good no.4 1/2....
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    Very nice tool collection Rob. I am not in tune with utilizing neander tools. Might be a vortex I should stay out of. Displaying them in a way that you can use them also sounds like the best solution to me. A tool after all is made to use and can't see them being happy unless they are busy working. Just my take on this.

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    Looks like you should be able to chop out some projects with that collection!
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    Nice collection Rob
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    Fine collection. That picture is worth printing and hanging on a wall.
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    Kit looks good Rob.

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    impressive collection Rob. What is it that they are used for again
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    hey rob, is that a 4 1/2 next to the no.5? if so your holding out on me i still need a good no.4 1/2....
    Larry the plane next to the No.4 is the Fulton one you sent me with some wood once. Remember. Aint holding out bud.

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