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Thread: Counter Top Alignment

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    Counter Top Alignment

    Spent the evening with Larry yesterday taking 4 very large and heavy Jarrah countertops to final thickness on his wide belt sander in preparation of installing them and the question came up on what is the best way to align the tops. The ideas of shims, biscuits and dowels came in but what do you all think? So let me have them Attached is a jpeg of the counter top layout so ya can see how they go together. Thanks in advance
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    I have used this style before: McFeely's Zipbolt
    Click image for larger version. 

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    But I would consider this: McFeely's Quickdraw
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Either one requires some drill and router work to inset them. The second one would require some temp clamping blocks to draw it together if you countersink it.

    I think dowels would be more accurate than biscuits for a dry connection. For ease I would use biscuits if glue is involved.

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    hey dan, that fastcap bracket how do you clamp it to draw it tight? and these counters are definitely heavy!!!! they are not something you can move around like a normal counter..
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    I have never used that style before. But spitballing an idea I would consider drilling two 3/8" holes through the cabinet sides, temp mount some blocks to the bottom of the counter, and use nuts on all thread to draw the counter together. After securing the counter remove the all thread and blocks, plug the holes.

    Make sense? I can draw something up. Let's see, where did I put my crayons....
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    Larry has a wide belt sander ....I think a road trip to Michigan is in my future
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