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Thread: Arts and Crafts/Mission Style Entertainment Center

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    Arts and Crafts/Mission Style Entertainment Center

    Finally... a completed project from my shop this season! I seem to get time for fewer and fewer projects these days, and this ones been on my bench since spring. Its an A&C/Mission style entertainment center made of quartersawn white oak and oak ply, with cherry bow tie inlays on the top. Dimensions are roughly 68 x 22d x 29 high. Construction is mainly glued dados and pocket holes. The corbels are doweled, and the door grids are half lapped. The finish is a mixture of early american and colonial maple, with a poly clear coat. Most of the QSWO was salvaged from the Widmer Wineries.



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    Wow, that is sharp. Close to what I am going to build this winter, I hope.

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    Sweet Entertainment center Scott that salvaged QSWO is awesome, super ray flecks, nice job One of those is on my radar in the near future, will have to study yours for ideas

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    Good job Scott, looks real nice.

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    Fantastic - very well done - love the details.
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    very nicely done scott,, maybe i should start driking wine if it make oak look like that the bow ties are nice touch.. and the qswn oak is premo!!!! maybe you dont get alot out of your shop this year but what yu did is worth the wait...
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    Super nice job Scott. Like others have said the qs oak is outstanding and the butterfly inlays really show off the quality.
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    Nice job! Love the dutchmen on the top!
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    Lovely, just lovely. You ought to be very proud of yourself.

    Prolific is not the same as good - in most cases. There are exceptions. However, the point is to enjoy the build and then enjoy the results.

    You done good. Enjoy.

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    Beautiful piece of work!

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