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Thread: Roly-Poly Sunrise Bowl

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    Roly-Poly Sunrise Bowl

    My ash firewood stash is finally starting to crack faster than I can turn it, so I've been doing what I can with what I've got. I went through a lot of failed ideas on this one before I ended up with the final product. The story behind it is long, and I have a hundred or so pics to sort through before I can tell it, but for now, here's what I ended up with. It's about 12 1/4" wide and 7 1/2" tall,with no foot...just a rounded bottom. I'm considering turning an ebony donut for it to sit on, so it can be tilted in different orientations. The cracks are filled with black epoxy. I also burned the rim with a propane torch. It's finished with sprayed USL (water-based acrylic lacquer) colored with TransTint dyes. Instead of dying the wood, I dyed the clear finish. (As I said, the story of how I got there is long. I'll post the whole thing in a day or two.) No buffing yet...just how the USL came out of the gun, and I might just leave it that way.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bowl 092 - 01  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 02  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 03  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 04  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 06  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 07  800.jpg 
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Name:	Bowl 092 - 08  800.jpg 
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    As usual, comment, critiques, suggestions, and questions are all welcome.
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    Very interesting. I like it.
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    Very nice Vaughn! It reminds me of the brush fires you had last year, or were they just this year? Flames on the outside and burnt on the inside.
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    That is a nice bowl Vaughn I really like that one cracks and all. Ya done good
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    the donut idea is definitly off the wall vaughn and those folk over there just might jump on the look of it..the color is great..
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    Very unique piece and I am anxiously waiting for "the rest of the story". The donut is a great ideal also.

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    Looks really good, like the colors, the burnt area, compliments the cracks

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    The cracks give the piece that extra kick. The dye and the burnt rim give the piece a new meaning of Firewood.

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    Very interesting, waiting for the rest of the story. I think the donut idea will really look good.


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    Looks great!
    Should be a great conversation piece.
    The cracking gives the bowl character.

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