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Thread: Nuther Friday here and it the 13th

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    Nuther Friday here and it the 13th

    Wacha got cooken. I'll be putting the final finish on the cross and working on the base for the Altar so what have yall got going on. Oh yea I'll also watch the race from Mich.
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    Final prep of the kitchen and dining room walls before plaster and finish up a couple cutting boards in progress

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    Guess we need to start hitting it hard on getting the sailboat ready for vacation.

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    now that my arms are feeling human again, replacing my dad's kitchen faucet (i got tired of "shut it off just right"), dropping off the table for the fair on sunday morning, and assembling the pens i turned yesterday. this kind of activity keeps up, i'll be so happy to go back to work on monday....
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    just gettun caught up maybe on house chores, and gonna try to make some dust again for me this time..
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    Got a wood turning workshop with Stu Batty tomorrow. So today is get ready for Sunday day.

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    Heading down to Ava, Mo to see my wife's Grandparents Saturday. Spending the night with them, then heading to my parents over in Cassville for the day Sunday before heading back to KC. Might get to do a little fly fishing with dad.

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    13th huh, thats why a flat tire this morning.

    Tomorrow morning early, heading out to the state fair in Indy. Eat some fair food and try not to have a heat stroke. Coming home Sunday afternoon sometime.

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    Packing the camper tonight and heading to WI for the week...yippeeee!!
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