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Thread: Large Colonial Poster Bed...Queen Size

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    Large Colonial Poster Bed...Queen Size

    This is what I have been doing for the past week. All that is left are the rails then a lot of sanding and fill. Then I can get started on the finish. After this is done is the get 2 dressers, 2 nightstands, and then a small computer are ......and then the master bedroom will be done and I can move on......but first I need a day off!
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    Great. Looks nice so far. I will be waiting for the finished pics. You deserve a day off.

    What type of wood is that?

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    nice bed, looks like pine.

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    looks good so far Dom.
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    That's gonna look massive when it's done. I like the scale. Looking great so far.
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    Massive for sure, I sure hope you have a large bedroom mine is to small for something of that size, and as for the bed..............AWESOME Dom What is the finish?

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    What Tom said. That is sure massive But it sure looks nice.
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    i must say you been holding out on us dom and that bed is definatly king sized.. the fake drawer in the foot board is clever make you want to open them but i am sure you cant... what are you using for the rails along the side and how are you attaching them? nice work Dom
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    Very nice Dom, i like Pine too. Uplifting color you got a nice balance of knots. Sure like the false draws at the bottom.

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    Thanks to all....and it will be a day off...the back is screaming at me. I have used pine for this because I wanted the balance of knots incorporated in the bed. The main pillars are 7 x 6...that being said I had a hard time finding anything that size here in the backwoods of Edgewater. Here you have two choices, Lowes and Depot, and neither have anything even close to large lumber. So I had to use 4 x 4 fence posts and veneer that with 1 x 4 and 1 x 8 spf. The rails will be 2 x 6 cut to 4 1/2 and then 1x 4 supports for the mattress. The finish will be English Chestnut and Satin Poly for the final. The rails because of their size and the fact that the headboard pillars are so massive, are going to be attached using framing hangers, like you would use in floor joists. I painted them black in the hope that the will be more hidden from view. The mattress I use with the LOML is very heavy and specially made for my spine condition, so instead of using the normal 5 braces, I will be using 10. Also once I had my kids move this off of my assembly bench, I noticed the weight of the headboard pillars, so I intend on using hidden braces attached to the wall studs, so someone can jump up and down on the mattress and the headboard will not even shake a little....not that I intend on doing that, my jumping up and down on bed days are far over!

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