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Thread: - Unique hand carved wooden sculptures.

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    Talking - Unique hand carved wooden sculptures.

    Hey all,
    My name's Tim I've just set up a website to hopefully showcase some of my work.. if you're interested in wood carving or just curious please feel free to take a look
    Any feedback or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated


    YouTube Video

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    Welcome Tim.
    Some unique stuff on your web site, particularly the skeletal stuff.

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    Movable parts

    Tim - Outstanding work! Would you be willing to share how the movable joints are contructed? I'm assuming you use some kind of pin but you manage to cover them well and therefore presents a much more finished look.
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    Hi Tim.
    Your carving skills are excellent, without question.
    Your choice of subject matter is.......Uh......eclectic. I'm not sure we would want it displayed in our living room.
    Welcome to the Family.
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    Welcome to the family Tim.
    Being myself a wannabe carver I can't but admire your work. Thanks for showing it to us.
    Best regards,

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    web site:
    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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