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Thread: Bits and Bobs and other stufff

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    Bits and Bobs and other stufff

    Just sitting here, stuck in the L shop, waiting for the MILFH to come back, so I can go and get some spin time in............

    Goofing around on Yahoo auction, just to see what I can see......

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    How about this for a BIG brother to BIG blue
    Attachment 4412
    Only about $1600, looks in nice shape....

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    Anyone need a pin router..........?

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    They want about $800 for it....

    Attachment 4415
    Saw this tiny little scroll saw on there too.......

    Attachment 4416
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    Again, on the cheap, about $800 right now.....

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    Now this one, I might pick up, I'd like to have a metal lathe.....

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    Heck, the motor has to be worth the aksing price.....

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    Sitting at about $80 right now..... looks kind of old, they do not know if, or how it works.....?

    Well there you go, an hour or so of crusing the aution sights down the tubes

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    Now you're on to some, some great stuff. Cool 'ol Japanese machines, no doubt.

    So, are all of those machines 100v/200v? I guess you wouldn't be interested in the other stuff, from Osaka for instance.

    Love that scroll saw. The band saw looks like a great machine also.

    Is all of this 3 phase?

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    I saw an Oliver planer the other day. It might still be there...wait let me take a quick peak...found it but it's finished.

    no takers though.

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    $1600 for that big bandsaw didn't sound that bad to me. Of course I am a bottom feeder and I wouldn't pay that. But for a big saw like that and how hard they are to find in your area.... not bad. Not dungeon friendly either though.

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