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Thread: needed prayer

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    needed prayer

    Just got this e-mail from my sister in law in Fla;

    Tan was in training for a Triathlon, riding at about 25mph in the bike lane , my road bike ..on the key near the church.. old lady 91, was going to church coming the other way did nit see her and turned in to her. she rolled on to the hood hit the windshield, then hit the asphalt.

    paramedics came quick just around the corner..then off to the hospital at 7:45 am

    she has a broken left clavicle out at the end lucky so far no surgery needed....3 to 6 months heal , broken rt. wrist sm. bone that is the longest healing bone in the body...will need 2 different casts over 12 weeks bumps,cuts and bruises, and brush burns in varies area, rt. quad deep contusion, lft shin big contusion, both knees hurt and ankle chip tooth

    the other party was sited....Tan has 3 months to heal....

    Thank you for your prayers !!!!!!!! God Bless
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    what a bad day,, will hope for a fast recovery dave.
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    Prayer sent for a speedy recovery
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    Another prayer for a speedy and complete recovery.


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    I hope Tan takes all the time needed to heal properly. Better than re-injuring and going through the down time again.
    Prayers sent. It's hard for an athlete to be down, for any time table. Jim.
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    Hopes for a speedy and complete recovery

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    Here is hoping for a speedy recovery. Brings things home as my daughter in Florida is training for a marathon.

    Will remember Tan in our prayers...

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    Having broken both my collar bones, here's wishing Tan a speedy recovery. Sounds pretty bad, glad it wasn't worse...
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    My best wishes for a speedy recover to her Dave. Sound like she got out of it lucky. Close call.

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    Fired up, prayers on their way!

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