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Thread: Nice Surprise !!

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    Nice Surprise !!

    Packaged along with the router book I won Vaughn managed to slip this in

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A beautiful piece of a type of wood I've never worked with. Mesquite.
    I have to admit though the first thought that the flat work person deeply embedded in me was " how can I cut this up to make something"
    But my wife saw it and said "make me a platter or bowl"

    Thanks Vaughn. This is greatly appreciated.
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    Pen blanks!! What else??
    Actually, it might turn into one of those free from on the outside bowls.
    Whatever you do with it, that is a nice piece of wood.
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    slice it up and make several flat things done turn it into chips and curlies bob just blasfomeee to do that.. stop the erge to turn go flat and dont look back
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    I hear it works great when used in conjunction with a BBQ grill.

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    That's what the chips and curlies are for - after the turning is done!

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    I thought he shaped it like the USA on purpose.

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    I just hated to see all the extra space in that Flat Rate box go to waste. I also figured you probably don't run into a lot of mesquite in NH. The grain orientation on that chunk of wood would work well for pens or bottle stoppers. It would also make an end grain bowl or platter, but it'd be some tough cutting and sanding. Have fun with it, and with the book.
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