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Thread: Hi from a lifelong beginner

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    Hi from a lifelong beginner

    I retired last year so now the woodchips are falling at a much more rapid rate. Several of us tried to start a woodworking club last year. There was a lot of interest but we just could not agree on when and the majority did not want to get involved but "maybe" would we gave up. Today I was looking at the info on crank organs and found this site....looks too good to be true! Been at this woodworking thing for about 30 years and still have lots of questions. I'm really excited to find a place that I can ask least ask for a better method...or tool....or "Now what do I do?"

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    Welcome Ken sure glad you found us crank organs, yep a few of those being built, cool things they are and 30 years in wood, I am sure you will be able to chip in with many ideas and congrats on the retirement

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    Glad you found us Ken. I learn something new here everyday!!
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    Welcome Ken!


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    Welcome to the family Ken!

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    Welcome Ken!

    The organ build is addictive -- I have put many thing on the back-burner while making the organ...

    welcome again...
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    Welcome Ken

    Come on and join the fun on the Organ build Ken. There are still several building and I am going to be here to help you figure it all out and we have had a few more guy just join that have built the John Smith organs also and maybe one new member that sound like he might start a build too.

    You can SKYPE me with any problems you have and I am glad to tell you what I know. .

    Jump in here and just one more thing you need to know is WE ALL LIKE PICTURES

    A Turn N Time
    Components for John Smith Organs and the Hobby Organ Builder

    Frog Pond Guitars

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    Welcome Ken!

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    Howdy! Can't wait to see your projects!
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    welcome welcome
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